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Three Well-Deserved Promotions: Gabi Kuhn, Jordan Daniels and Sarah Starks

We’re thrilled to announce the well-deserved promotions of three outstanding members of our team at the Jews of Color Initiative. These dedicated individuals have demonstrated exceptional leadership, commitment, and skill, and we’re excited to see them take on new roles within our organization as they continue to advance racial equity in the Jewish community.

Mazal tov to our promoted team members, Gabi Kuhn, Jordan Daniels and Sarah Starks!


Gabi Kuhn, Managing Director Gabi Kuhn headshot photo

Gabi Kuhn joined the JoCI as a Program Officer in August 2020, bringing with her a wealth of experience and passion for advancing equity and inclusion within the Jewish community. Since first joining the team, Gabi has excelled in her role, contributing significantly to our grantmaking by expanding our reach to more grantees than ever, creating requests for proposals, and solidifying policies and procedures related to the grantmaking process. In 2022, in recognition of her outstanding contributions, Gabi was promoted to Senior Program Officer. A cornerstone of Gabi’s role as a Senior Program Officer at JoCI included leading and developing opportunities for other philanthropy professionals and JoC leaders in the Jewish philanthropic sector, such as leading Funders Field Briefings, training two Junior Program Officers, and spearheading the JoCI Philanthropy Fellowship. 

We are delighted to announce Gabi Kuhn’s most recent promotion to Managing Director of the JoCI. In her new role, Gabi will continue to lead the Grants Program, align communication and collaboration among our growing team’s various departments at the JoCI (Grants, Operations, Communications, Programs), and implement policies and procedures that enhance efficiency for the entire organization.

“As I enter my fourth year at the JoCI, it is truly an honor to step into the new role of Managing Director,” Gabi shared. “This opportunity gets to the heart of what I love most about working for this organization—supporting our JoC community through our key grantmaking work, ensuring deeper collaboration across our departments and operational systems, and lifting up and continuing to grow the leadership of our team.”


Sarah Starks, Program Officer Sarah Starks headshot

Sarah Starks joined the JoCI as a Junior Program Officer in August 2022 and has quickly proven herself to be an invaluable member of our team. Sarah’s passion for supporting Jews of Color and her strategic approach to grantmaking have been instrumental in our efforts to create positive change. She beautifully balances flexibility and the needs of grantees to empower them to reach their strategic goals, resulting in great success from grantees whose project Sarah stewards. We’re delighted to announce Sarah Stark’s promotion to Program Officer, and we look forward to the expanding impact she will make in her new role as her leadership blossoms.

“I am extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity to continue my leadership development here at the JoCI! I have felt so nurtured as a young leader here, and I am looking forward to continuing to support this community in meaningful ways in this new role,” Sarah said.


Jordan Daniels, Program Officer

Jordan Daniels also joined the JoCI as a Junior Program Officer in August 2022 and has since demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication in grantmaking. Jordan’s commitment to advancing equity and justice within the Jewish community has been evident in all aspects of his work, and he is known for bringing joy, humor, and deep empathy to his team and grantee colleagues. We are thrilled to announce Jordan Daniels’ promotion to Program Officer. In this new role, Jordan will take on greater responsibility in stewarding exceptional grantee projects in service of the community.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow my leadership in this new capacity as a fully-fledged Program Officer,” Jordan said. “We’re in a pivotal time as a community, and this advancement will expand my ability to support current grantees, and help foster connection with new ones! I look forward to leveraging our resources to help our partners stretch their impact in the field.”


“I am so proud of our two Program Officers, Sarah Starks and Jordan Daniels who, in the past year and a half, have demonstrated their readiness and excitement to take on greater ownership of our grantmaking work,” said Gabi. “And I am so, so proud of all of the leaders at the JoCI,” said Ilana Kaufman, JoCI’s CEO.  We have incredible talent in the professional community, and I know it’s a privilege to attract and develop the very best talent for the JoCI.” 

As the JoCI continues to grow and evolve, we are grateful for the inspiring leadership of Gabi, Sarah, and Jordan. We’re excited about the future of the Jews of Color Initiative and the contributions of our talented team members. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue our work to advance equity, inclusion, and justice within the Jewish community.

Date Posted

March 2024