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Jewish philanthropy must adopt a racial equity lens -- op-ed by Ilana Kaufman
Racial Justice

Philanthropy can serve as a catalyst to inspire people and organizations to take specific actions. It is simultaneously a tool of support, of partnerships, of empowerment, and even of accountability. When implemented with intentionality—such as by building in racial equity and justice goals, objectives, and consequences when we fall short—philanthropy can energize an ecosystem and an entire community.

Where All of My Ancestors Dance in the Same Room: Centering Jews of Color in Research on Jewish Pregnancy and Post-Partum Spirituality
Newsletter Articles

In their study, Rose Espinola will collect oral histories about traditions and spirituality among Jews of Color during pregnancy, birth, abortion, pregnancy loss, and post-partum. “As a data scientist, I love oral history,” Espinola said. “I know that data comes in many forms and that qualitative data is really rich.”

Love, justice, pursuit of truth: The common language all Jews speak -- op-ed by Tova Harris
Thought Leadership

In this poignant op-ed, Tova Harris, alumnus of the Jews of Color Initiative's Leadership Fellowship, reflects on the othering they experienced growing up as a Jew of Color and how, among community, they are reclaiming their unique identity as their own.

JoCI Senior Program Officer, Gabi Kuhn, Selected for Prestigious Wexner Field Fellowship

The entire team at the Jews of Color Initiative is proud to announce that our wonderful Senior Program Officer, Gabi Kuhn, has been selected for class 7 of the Wexner Foundation's Wexner Field Fellowship!

Building the Bay: Empowering Community-Centered JoC Futures
Newsletter Articles

Having spent her life in the Bay Area, Kaufman is uniquely positioned to speak to the Beyond the Count data from a local perspective. This local lens is indispensable when considering community need and leadership opportunities. Following a presentation of the Beyond the Count findings, JoCI hosted a roundtable lunch for Jewish leaders of Color in the Bay Area.

Navigating Nuance: Using the Term “Jews of Color”
Newsletter Articles

This article explores what thought leaders and research participants who are Jews of Color think about the uses and limitations for employing this term. 

Our Grantmaking

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Beyond the Count: Perspectives and Lived Experiences of Jews of Color
Research Articles

This report uses survey and interview data of a complex fabric of JoC identities, lived experiences, and perspectives. In the context of the national conversation about race in the United States, this study enhances American Jews’ understanding of their own racial and ethnic diversity and provides an opportunity to reflect on how systems of inequality are perpetuated in our own community.

In the News

American Jews are taking a hard look at racism in their midst

The challenge for white American Jews is to understand that they can be both targets of white supremacy and also accomplices.

November 11, 2021
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How the Jews of Color Initiative Is Funding Work for a More Inclusive Jewish Community

In recent years, Jewish communal leaders and philanthropists have come to recognize that the American Jewish community—widely presumed to be white-skinned and Ashkenazi (from Central and Eastern Europe)—is far more diverse than they imagined. With the help of philanthropic partners, the Jews of Color Initiative, a Berkeley, California-based fund led by Executive Director Ilana Kaufman, is raising consciousness about underserved Jews of color and working to create a more inclusive and welcoming ecosystem in the organized American Jewish community.

November 11, 2021
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Largest study ever of Jews of color reports widespread discrimination

American Jews of color say their racial and ethnic identities shape their Jewishness in important, positive ways, but that they also face bigotry in settings where white Jews predominate, according to a study released Thursday, the largest-ever of this group.

November 11, 2021
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