The Jews of Color Initiative believes that a fuller picture of the JoC community still needs to be painted. We commission vital studies to fill research gaps and bring the nuance and diversity of Jews of Color into view. Our research is guided by principles of racial equity and justice, centers questions emerging authentically among Jews of Color, and is intended to generate practical change in the Jewish community.


Current Studies

Beyond the Count: Perspectives and Lived Experiences of Jews of Color

This report uses survey and interview data of a complex fabric of JoC identities, lived experiences, and perspectives. In the context of the national conversation about race in the United States, this study enhances American Jews’ understanding of their own racial and ethnic diversity and provides an opportunity to reflect on how systems of inequality are perpetuated in our own community.

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Research Methods

Beyond the Count Methods

The findings of this mixed-methods study are derived from two unprecedented data sources: the first national survey of Jews of Color and the largest dataset of interviews with self-identified Jews of Color to date.

Counting Inconsistencies Methods

Counting Inconsistencies is the product of a close analysis of American Jewish population and demographic studies from the past 20 years. For the purposes of this study, we approached all collateral associated with a population study, responses, and survey instruments as data that we would subject to analysis.

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Research in the Field

Research that Got us to This Moment: We Stand on the Shoulders of Others

But just because Jews of Color have been under-considered by researchers doesn’t mean we’re the first to pay attention to our community. In fact, several studies and other writings paved the way for us—and our research team—to have a foundational understanding of the JoC community. Using our own familiarity with past studies and connecting with our research team to see which writings on Jews of Color helped inform their knowledge of the community, we’ve developed a list of some research studies and books from the 2000s to today that shaped research on Jews of Color, and on whose shoulders we stand.

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