2021-2022 Grants

Our grantmaking supports shared identity, standards of practice, advancing knowledge, leadership development, and supporting policy.

Leadership Development

Investing in, nurturing, and amplifying Jewish leaders of Color

The Associated

The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore is supporting their new JoC Engagement Fellow

Uri L’Tzedek

Uri L'Tzedek is collaborating with Jewtina y. Co to bring JoC leaders together at a 4-day immersive leadership retreat and cohort experience

The Forward

The Forward is sponsoring JoC authors of op-eds, JoC journalists and independent reporters, and providing professional development support for their JoC Editor-at-Large

JOIN for Justice

JOIN for Justice is providing JoC executive coaching for JOIN’s new co-Executive Director, a Korean American Jew who brings decades of nonprofit management experience and wishes to deepen the intersection of JoC identity in this work

Rimonim Liturgy Project

Rimonim Liturgy Project, fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, is amplifying 10 JoC artists whose work is included in Rimonim's collection of Jewish liturgy, poetry, and art


SHIN DC will establish leadership development for a JoC executive director


Lab/Shul will be supporting the leadership of JoC artist Luis Burgos in leading a JoC-centered virtual national Passover seder

Hebrew Seminary

Supporting outreach to Jews of Color and the deaf community for “The Kindness Project,” a class and spirituality group led by the first hard of hearing African American rabbi in Illinois

Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute

Supporting monthly gatherings for a JoC clergy affinity space to foster holistic wellness, solidarity, and mutual support for Kohenet Priestesses of Color

Shared Identity

Fostering community around shared identity, common purpose, and core values


Kamochah, fiscally sponsored by JFNA, is creating spaces where Black Orthodox Jews can embrace their racial/cultural identity and their religious observance 

JQ International

JQ International is elevating the LGBTQ+ Iranian experience (93% of whom self-identify as JoC) for a Persian Pride national event and fellowship program in Los Angeles, New York, and the Bay Area

Theater J

Theater J's "Expanding the Canon," a project of Eldavitch DCJCC, is convening JoC rabbis, cantors, and thought leaders to guide 7 JoC playwrights through a curriculum of Jewish life, liturgy, history, and literature at an immersive 3-day Beit Midrash

Linke Fligl

Linke Fligl, fiscally sponsored by Allied Media Projects, is providing queer JoC leadership with a 5-day immersive farm gathering, sharing out experiences as LGBTQI+ JoC, and building a deeper connection to the outdoors

Mosaic Visions

Mosaic Visions organized the “Spirit of Humanity | Ein Sof Virtual Festival,” a cultural and artistic festival that showcased  Jews of Color through art, music, poetry, writing, songs, and short films

The Jews of Color Mishpacha Project

The Jews of Color Mishpacha Project created and ran the "We Are Family" JoCSM (Jews of Color, Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews) Shabbaton at the Pearlstone Retreat Center


Hosting a Sigd celebratory and educational event in Portland, Oregon led by an Ethiopian Jewish creative director

Standards of Practice

Developing, refining, and reinforcing institutional practice through a lens of justice and equity

Sandra Caplan Community Beit Din

Sandra Caplan Community Beit Din will be developing a mentorship program for Jews of Color for during and after the conversion process


JoC series on mind-body resiliency and embodied practice concerning conversations on safety and security in Jewish communal settings

Previous Grants


Leadership Development

Tzedek Lab

Creating and sharing educational and cultural resources that address the intersections of racism, white supremacy, and antisemitism.

Reconstructing Judaism

Creating an executive leadership role for a JoC rabbi as the new Director of Racial Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This role has recently been filled by Rabbi Sandra Lawson.


Offering executive functioning coaching and professional development training to a JoC leader serving as the Director of Professional Development

Shared Identity


Creating an online JoC cooking affinity space to exchange recipes, stories, experiences, and culinary traditions with other Jews of Color

Tribe Herald

Conducting a study to determine location, programming, and modality for the first Jewish community center specifically centering Jews of Color

At The Well

Organizing three virtual JoC Well Circle events, empowering participants and providing them with support to build their own Well Circles

Standards of Practice

JoC Teshuva Project

Developing a pilot program rooted in the Jewish practice of teshuva that mitigates racialized harm for JoCs and creates accountability and repair in their communities

Wilderness Torah

Hiring a JoC consultant to revise youth, adult, and multi-generational programming to engage and empower JoC, and building an adult JoC leadership pipeline to their staff and Board

Contra Costa Midrasha

Restructuring their high school teen curriculum, engaging a JoC consultant to review infrastructure, and hiring a JoC educator to staff a JoC teen leadership group and affinity space

Hillel International

Supporting JoC professionals and college students through the facilitation of a national JoC group, inclusive recruitment, and staff mentorship programming

2019-2020 Grants

Advancing Knowledge

Leadership Development

ALEPH, Earth-based Judaism

Providing scholarships and travel subsidies for Jews of Color to enroll in a 3-year online certification program in Earth-Based Judaism, with a goal of JoC representing at least one-third of the cohort

Shared Identity

Standards of Practice

Urban Adamah Fellowship

Increasing involvement of JoCs in a fellowship for young adults to integrate urban organic farming, mindfulness practice, social action training, and progressive Jewish learning and living.


Supporting participation in a national convening of Jews of Color involved in Jewish Outdoor Food, Farming, and Environmental Education (JOFEE).

2018-2019 Grants

Advancing Knowledge

Amanda Ryan

The project documented and archived stories from Latinx Jews in the United States, placed stories of Latinx Jews within theoretical frameworks, expanded scholarly research on Jews of Color, including Latinx Jews, and publicly share the research.


The goal was to organize an in-depth four to five meeting planning process for the Jews of Color Torah Academy (JOCTA). JOCTA is a container for Jews of Color to learn, grapple, and grow as individuals and as a community.

Leadership Development

Union for Reform Judaism

through mentorship, focused professional development, and growth, as well as professional opportunities, advance the experience of the JewV’Nation Fellowship’s Alumni.

Shared Identity


The goal was to strengthen the experience of Jews of Color in the Avodah network by offering support, as well as building cohorts and intentional networks for/of Jews of Color in the community.


Jews of Color in the Jewish Outdoor, Food, Farming, and Environmental Education (JOFEE) space were convened at the 2019 JOFEE Network Gathering to organize and collaborate specifically around shared identity and experiences as Jews of Color.

Standards of Practice

Edot HaMidwest

The project will engage Midwest Jews of Color, funders, and community organizations, beginning with three focus cities and adding additional cities in the future.

Hillel International

This program focused on Jews of Color Hillel professionals and students to strengthen experiences and relationships by offering support, as well as cohorting and networking Jews of Color in the community.

2017-2018 Grants

Leadership Development

Courtney Parker

A national educational leader and program designer partnering with Dimensions to develop program modules supporting the training of a cohort of leaders who are Jews of Color.

Dimensions Education Consulting

A national nonprofit training and consulting organization specializing in diversity and inclusion led by Yavilah McCoy, focusing on leadership development – facilitating a cohort of Jews of Color working at the intersection of critical conversations, racial justice and working with Allies.

Bend the Arc, Selah Cohort 15

A best-in-class leadership program for Jews of Color that provides training for leaders, new tools to enhance personal vision and facilitate organizational change, and the opportunity to learn with innovative and inspiring Jewish social change leaders.

Standards of Practice