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New Op-ed by Ilana Kaufman Makes the Case for Sustained DEI Efforts in the Jewish Community

In her most recent op-ed, JoCI’s CEO Ilana Kaufman makes the case that sustaining efforts for diversity, equity and inclusion in the Jewish community must persist beyond moments of natural conflicts of values, beliefs or culture. 


“While as leaders we have raised our collective consciousness about diversity, and by extension can comfortably point to the few people of color added to our boards and public facing roles of institutional influence, we have inadequately committed to multi-year initiatives focusing on the personal, organizational and systemic rigors of Inclusion — those spaces where natural conflicts of values, beliefs, cultures and ways of being, emerge and must be navigated.”


Drawing on unique historical comparisons of the long-term benefits of diversity, Ilana argues that steady dedication to efforts for diversity, equity and inclusion will strengthen the Jewish community and guide us toward collective success.


Click the button below to read the op-ed and join us in the effort to steadily hold DEI as a priority in our community.

Date Posted

June 2024


Jews of Color Initiative