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Eight New Grants Stewarded by JoCI Philanthropy Fellows Expand Intergenerational Connection

As part of a full-time, year-long program to develop professional skills to work in philanthropy, the JoCI Philanthropy Fellows—Ilana Ybgi, Santy Barrera, and Maya Katz-Ali— are stewarding a series of grants focused on JoC intergenerational knowledge and relationships to preserve and celebrate old and new Jewish cultural traditions. In response to an open request for proposals (RFP) the Philanthropy Fellows created and released in November 2023, the JoCI received over 30 inspiring proposals, resulting in the largest response to an RFP in JoCI’s history. The following eight grants, which represent the first round of grants made in response to the RFP, feature educational programming, mentoring, research, cooking and storytelling, collecting and preserving artistic and ritual materials, and more—all centered around strengthening and celebrating intergenerational bonds among the Jews of Color community.


A Sister’s Village Inc. 

A Sister’s Village Inc. is establishing an inclusive and educational space for Jews of Color and their families to celebrate, deepen, and preserve intergenerational relationships, knowledge, and cultural traditions. Based at The Nest Play Café in Delaware, a series of events will be tailored for JoC families with young children among Delaware/Philadelphia-area JoC families to cultivate cultural preservation, intergenerational connections, artistic expression, and community building. Through local initiatives like cultural workshops, storytelling sessions, artistic activities, and community events like Shabbat dinners and Hanukkah parties, the project seeks to celebrate JoC Jewish customs, foster strong intergenerational bonds, and nurture a sense of belonging. 


The Braid 

Guided by an Advisory Committee of Jews of Color, The Braid is producing five short cooking and storytelling videos featuring intergenerational pairings of Jews of Color. In each video, each pair will showcase cherished Jewish recipes alongside memories and narratives intertwined with cultural traditions and heritage. Set for release online in Fall 2024, the series aims to captivate a diverse audience, sparking interest within the Jewish community and beyond. Complementing the digital release, an in-person event in Los Angeles will invite Jews of Color to bring family-made dishes to share, enjoy performances of stories written and performed by Jews of Color, and engage in guided conversations reflecting on personal Jewish food memories. 


Jewish Learning Venture 

This initiative by Jewish Learning Venture aims to address the isolation experienced by JoC families within Jewish communities. By centering Sephardi, Mizrahi, and Jewish Families of Color’s culinary traditions, the project seeks to uplift diverse stories and highlight the power of cultural traditions. Through two multigenerational cooking programs, participants will engage in personal storytelling and receive take-home recipe kits. Additionally, community members will be invited to share traditional recipes and family stories, culminating in a virtual ‘Recipe Box of Tradition’ to be shared widely.


Jewish Youth Community Action, fiscally sponsored by Community Initiatives 

Jewish Youth for Community Action (JYCA) is launching an Intergenerational Relationship Building program through its JOCSM initiative, Jews Against Marginalization (JAM), to foster connections between Jewish youth of color and older JOC. The program will feature youth/elder mentorship, virtual intergenerational workshops, and in-person workshops. With a focus on social action and community change, the program aims to strengthen participants’ ties to Jewish identity, culture, and traditions while nurturing their capacity as agents of social change. Activities include one-on-one mentorship sessions, virtual workshops led by youth leaders, and in-person gatherings coordinated by youth leaders and project staff. 


“JoC Pregnancy & Postpartum Project’s Connection” project of ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal 

The JoC Pregnancy & Postpartum Project’s Connection project aims to bring together a diverse group of JoC who have experienced pregnancy, and foster community through celebrating traditions and rituals. Through online gatherings, sharing oral histories, and creating an online art installation, the project addresses the isolation often felt by JoC birthing people amidst the demands of parenting, racial inequality, and COVID-19. This project responds to the need for documentation of JoC traditions and rituals for spiritual resilience. With a focus on JoC birthing individuals, the project anticipates reaching a broad audience through various channels, including online and in-person gatherings, podcasts, email listservs, and personal networks.


KHAZBAR, fiscally sponsored by Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice 

KHAZBAR aims to cultivate an intergenerational JOCISM (Jew of Color, Indigenous, Sephardic Mizrahi) cohort by hosting gatherings of artists, scholars, writers, and composer-musicians, both online and in-person, to nurture collaborative projects and provide mutual support in workshop settings. The completed works will contribute to the inaugural edition of GERSHOM: A JOCISM peer-reviewed journal encompassing literary content, commentary, arts, liturgy, and culture. This grant additionally supports the development of a journal portal to facilitate the submission of content. At the core of the project is the In-Person Intergenerational Incubator for GERSHOM, where 7 Mentoring Leads will facilitate workshops, guide project development, and curate works for inclusion in the journal. 


LUNAR Collective, fiscally sponsored by Social Good Fund 

The Intergenerational Asian Jewish Ritual Initiative aims to strengthen intergenerational connections among Asian Jews, by engaging older generations of Asian American Jews in Jewish rituals. The initiative will kick off with a research phase, inviting Asian Jewish elders to participate in one-on-one Chai Chats with Rachel to share their stories and cultural histories. The insights gathered will inform program development to better cater to the needs of older Asian Jewish adults and seniors. Addressing the exclusion often experienced by Asian American Jews in traditional Jewish spaces, the LUNAR Collective, representing diverse Asian American identities and Jewish practices, seeks to bridge the age gap within its community. The project intends to foster intergenerational connections and preserve diverse Asian Jewish cultural identity through multimedia collaborations, with a focus on outreach to Asian Jewish elders aged 60+. The initiative plans to host 8–10 virtual and in-person Jewish learning programs and develop 5 new Asian Jewish ritual materials. Additionally, the program includes ritual workshops and learning sessions for LUNAR leadership fellows, empowering them to lead Asian Jewish rituals within their respective hubs to extend the initiative’s impact.


Olamim, fiscally sponsored by Be’chol Lashon 

Building on years of relationship-building with Latin Jewish families in the Bay Area, Olamim aims to formalize its Chavurah into the “Olamim Family School,” offering a year-round bilingual Jewish learning experience for 8–12 Latin Jewish families with young children. Emphasizing Latin cultural expression, Hebrew and Spanish language development, and accessibility to multiracial and interfaith families, the program fosters multi-generational engagement, encouraging cultural transmission through Jewish contexts. Piloted with 6–10 families starting in Fall 2024, the program will include immersive learning about holidays, traditions, stories, and arts, empowering families to integrate Jewish practices into their lives confidently. Authentic expressions of Latinidad, original Latin Jewish music and art, a buddy system between families, and parent participation enhance community connectivity and cultural celebration.

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March 2024


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