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The Jews of Color Initiative and Slingshot Launch a Free Guide to Racially Equitable Philanthropy

The Jews of Color Initiative, in collaboration with Slingshot, offers a no-cost, new guide to racially equitable funding, Racial Equity-Informed Philanthropy: A Funder Resource from a Jewish Perspective. This anthology is grounded in the perspectives of Jews of Color, histories of racism in the United States, real-world examples, and guidance for creating change.  

Racial Equity-Informed Philanthropy features dynamic chapters authored by multiracial leaders in the Jews of Color community. Collectively, the authors hold expertise in the areas of race, philanthropy, and Jewish wisdom: Imani Romney-Rosa Chapman, Ginna Green, Rabbi Sandra Lawson, Dr. Analucía Lopezrevoredo, and Joanna Ware. The book also includes writing from Ilana Kaufman, Chief Executive Officer of the Jews of Color Initiative, and Stefanie Rhodes, CEO of Slingshot. The partnership with Slingshot pairs Kaufman’s expertise on racial equity for Jews of Color and Rhodes’ capacity to reach the next generation of philanthropists. 


Racial Equity Informed Philanthropy: A Funder Resource from a Jewish Perspective; Jews of Color Initiative and Slingshot; Table of Contents (full text below)
Cover and Table of Contents of Racial Equity-Informed Philanthropy (full-text for Table of Contents at bottom of page).


We are eager to see Racial Equity-Informed Philanthropy shape the future of Jewish communal funding. 


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CH. 1 Welcome and Introduction, by Ilana Kaufman and Stefanie Rhodes; Beginning with Gratitude: Jewish Wisdom, by Rabbi Sandra Lawson /// CH. 2 Purpose and How to Use the Guide, by Ilana Kaufman /// CH. 3 Racial Justice Conceptual Framework, by Imani Romney-Rosa Chapman; Liberation Theology: Jewish Wisdom, by Rabbi Sandra Lawson /// CH. 4 Equity- and Justice-Informed Philanthropy: Applying the Framework, by Ilana Kaufman; Tikkun Olam and Anti-Racist Accompliceship: Jewish Wisdom, by Rabbi Sandra Lawson /// CH. 5 Philanthropic Values and Decision Making for More Vibrant Jewish Life part 1: Centering racial justice in philanthropic decision-making, by Joanna Ware, part 2: Moving from funding based on shared values to core values, by Analucia Lopezrevoredo, Ph.D.; From Farming to Philanthropy: Jewish Wisdom, by Rabbi Sandra Lawson /// CH. 6 The Importance of Funding Across Political Differences, by Ginna Green; Power and Perspective: Jewish Wisdom, by Rabbi Sandra Lawson /// Epilogue by Ilana Kaufman
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November 2022


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