March 2024

Celebrating Culture and Connection to Support Jews of Color in Cleveland

Looking ahead, Mansour and Williams are optimistic about the future of JoC Cleveland and its role in shaping a more diverse and inclusive Jewish community. Through their efforts to bridge diversity and foster unity, they are paving the way for a more vibrant and resilient Jewish community in Cleveland

Philanthropy Fellow Profiles

Since joining the JoCI Philanthropy Fellowship in May, 2023, our dedicated Fellows—  Ilana Ybgi, Santy Barrera and Maya Katz-Ali— have gained extensive professional development rooted in essential learnings of the philanthropic sector, equity-based approaches to philanthropy, and the perspectives of JoC and communal leaders. As the rest of the JoCI team prepares for a bittersweet goodbye to our Fellows at the upcoming conclusion to their year-long program, we are awestruck by the accomplishments of this exceptional group of leaders.

Dr. Bruce Haynes Reflects on His Research and Recent Webinar Panel

"It took me [20 years] to map out the kind of broad boundaries of the different people who said that they were both Black and Jewish, and that long to decode what I was looking at," Haynes explains. "I spent a lot of time trying to piece together the historical context that shaped the categories of Black and Jewish in the United States."