August 2023

Building the Field for JoC Leaders

Last year, we created several new programs to build and enrich the professional, organizational and communal field for Jews of Color. Our offerings and those of grantees serve a communal field where Jews of Color find more belonging, empowerment, and community than ever before. Today, because of many JoCI grantees, there are JoC leadership, philanthropy, project building, and other professional development cohort opportunities, creating a new reality in which the JoC field is more programmatically diverse than ever.

Moving Towards Collective Change

Over the past year, whether through community education, research, or leading training sessions in predominantly white institutions, we have developed new strategies to advance the Jewish communal ecosystem’s commitment to racial equity. Change in this area does not occur passively; rather, by actively mobilizing efforts to center the leadership of Jews of Color, we are closer to realizing a Jewish communal ecosystem that reflects the multiracial reality of American Jews.

This Year in Grantmaking

In fiscal year 2022–2023, the JoCI granted $735,825 to 45 projects across 36 unique organizations, including, for the first time, multi-year grants for three organizations. We also established a Philanthropy Fellowship and hired three fellows: Santy Barrera, Ilana Ybgi, and Maya Katz-Ali.