“Resilience is the Second Chapter of the Story”

Building pathways for Jews of Color to be decision-makers in Jewish communities—not only for matters of diversity and equity, but all facets of Jewish life—can ensure that we build a beautiful second chapter that will sustain and transform the Jewish people.

Latinx Jews and the Power of Storytelling

“I really believe that the best ways to which stories can change our lives is when people tell their own stories and really decolonize that idea of storytelling, especially within the Latino community that is so diverse and so complex,” said Lopezrevoredo. Her extensive background in ethnographic storytelling, gained through her research and studies in academia, shapes her approach to the life stories of others.

Koleinu/Our Voices: A Letter from Executive Director, Ilana Kaufman

I knew that the Jewish community held much more diversity than I was seeing in offices, meetings, and board rooms. Instead of asking “where are other Jews of Color?” I instead asked, “what is keeping Jews of Color away, and how can we change that?” It was with this genuine desire for change that I mapped the early stages of what would become the Jews of Color Initiative.