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KHAZBAR aims to cultivate an intergenerational JOCISM (Jew of Color, Indigenous, Sephardic Mizrahi) cohort by hosting gatherings of artists, scholars, writers, and composer-musicians, both online and in-person, to nurture collaborative projects and provide mutual support in workshop settings. The completed works will contribute to the inaugural edition of GERSHOM: A JOCISM peer-reviewed journal encompassing literary content, commentary, arts, liturgy, and culture. This grant additionally supports the development of a journal portal to facilitate the submission of content. At the core of the project is the In-Person Intergenerational Incubator for GERSHOM, where 7 Mentoring Leads will facilitate workshops, guide project development, and curate works for inclusion in the journal. 


This grant was stewarded by the JoCI Philanthropy Fellows.

Date Posted

May 2024


Jews of Color Initiative