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Jewish Asian Adoptees and History of Transracial Adoption


  • Lingxuan Liang, joint Masters in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Brandeis University 
  • Professor ChaeRan Freeze, Frances and Max Elkon Chair in Modern Jewish History, advisor and lead investigator 


 Lingxuan Liang is currently seeking participants for this study. Email to sign up!

Participate in a new study: Asian Adoptees in the American Jewish community; eligibility age 18+, grew up with Jewish parent(s); Interested? email to sign up!


This study examines the historical factors shaping Jewish adoption of Asian children and the contemporary experiences and identities of Jewish Asian adoptees. Using archival research, Lingxuan Liang explores the impact of systemic barriers, personal choice, and changing social circumstances that have contributed to these adoption patterns, adding to the canon of non-Eurocentric research. This study also uses qualitative interviews to learn about contemporary racialized dynamics, such as how Jewish Asian adoptees perceive their own Jewish identity, the Jewish identity of their parents, and that of other Ashkenazi Jews. Liang’s study also considers generational differences and how the experences of Jewish Asian adoptees speak to the larger picture of American Jewish life and Jewish-Asian relations. 

Date Posted

January 2023


Arielle Isack