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Edot – Threads of Tradition

“Threads of Tradition” is an innovative oral history project designed to showcase the diverse narratives of Jews of Color (JoC) in the Midwest. Focused on identity, community involvement, and the experiences of being part of predominantly white Jewish and Midwestern communities, the project plans to document the stories of 20 JoC individuals spanning various ages—from youth to seniors—through intimate interviews. Interviews will explore the challenges and successes of navigating dual identities within the Jewish community and the Midwest. Through intergenerational dialogues, participants will connect with JoC of different age groups, exploring dimensions of identity, examining community dynamics in predominantly white congregations, delving into the unique aspects of Midwest living for Jews of Color, and fostering understanding through intergenerational dialogue.


This grant was stewarded by the JoCI Philanthropy Fellows.

Date Posted

May 2024


Jews of Color Initiative