Jewish Farmer Network is seeking board members!

Jewish Farmer Network is seeking board members! Founded by Jewish farmers in 2017, Jewish Farmer Network (JFN) has engaged 2000+ Jewish agrarians around the world, bringing the wisdom of our Jewish agricultural tradition into the hands of modern Jewish farmers for the sake of building a more just and regenerative food system for all. Our programs include an annual conference, affinity groups for Jewish farmers who are queer and disabled, Shmita Plots, the Jewish Seed Project, the Jews and Land Study Group, community calls, and more!  JFN seeks people with previous board experience and/or nonprofit leadership experience who are excited to offer 4 hours/month of volunteer time for an initial 1 year term. Black Jews, Indigenous Jews, Jews of Color, Sephardim, Mizrahim, Orthodox Jews, and/or Jews-by-Choice are highly encouraged to apply. People with legal, financial, and/or fundraising expertise are highly encouraged to apply.  For more information, please read our Board Member Guide. Please apply by filling out this interest form by June 30, 2022. Contact SJ Seldin, JFN Board Chair and Co-Founder, at to learn more.

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