How to Use JoCI Community Resources

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here. The JoCI Community Resources section of the website houses the majority of our primary content.

Hover over “Resources/Toolkit” to access:

  • Grantmaking
    • our full list of grantees and our Grant Application Guide
  • Research
    • our major study reports, methods, articles on our research in the field, and more
  • Community education and resources
    • an extensive library of both JoCI and external resources on racial justice, holidays, research, and more
  • Newsletter archive

Hover over “Gatherings” to access:

  • Events calendar
    • view our events or submit your own!
  • Press coverage

Hover over “Community Board” to access our many different forums:

  • Community Boards
    • Become a member to use these forums for posting or finding affinity spaces, job listings, surveys, resources, grants, and more. Just click “Start a Discussion” to submit a post!

Have a question?

  • Our JoCI Community Resources also houses our Frequently Asked Questions. Use the question mark icon next to your profile icon in the top menu bar to access our FAQs and support page. If you still need help, contact us at