How Tokenism Affects Jews of Color and 5 Ways Allies Can Interrupt It

As the white Jewish community confronts the reality that Jews of Color have long been excluded from communal and institutional Jewish settings, many community members and organizations are seeking to include Jews of Color. While inclusion efforts must be made to counteract the inequities that persist in our community, efforts that rely on tokenism will not heal our racial wounds. 

Ally Voices Speak About Beyond the Count

One of the most striking learnings from Beyond the Count for many institutional leaders has been the disconnect between the diversity of Jewish people, experiences, and identities that exist in the community and the monolithic institutions that make up the Jewish communal ecosystem. 

Research that Got Us to This Moment: We Stand on the Shoulders of Others

Using our own familiarity with past studies and connecting with our research team to see which writings on Jews of Color helped inform their knowledge of the community, we’ve developed a list of some research studies and books from the 2000s to today that shaped research on Jews of Color, and on whose shoulders we stand.