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Culinary Connections: Exploring JoC Food Traditions with jkid4all

With a keen focus on JoC (Jews of Color) family units—for young children, parents, and congregational educators—Kolker's project, “We Belong At the Table,” harnesses the power of community programming, research, and web archival work to document, showcase, and disseminate diverse culinary traditions within Jewish communities.

Celebrating Culture and Connection to Support Jews of Color in Cleveland

Looking ahead, Mansour and Williams are optimistic about the future of JoC Cleveland and its role in shaping a more diverse and inclusive Jewish community. Through their efforts to bridge diversity and foster unity, they are paving the way for a more vibrant and resilient Jewish community in Cleveland

Advancing JoC Community and Leadership in the Midwest

“The Midwest tends to be a really underserved region for Jews in general, but specifically for Jews of Color,” Crichlow Silva explained. McKinney-Baldon and Crichlow Silva—as well as the rest of the Edot team—are Midwesterners themselves, and believe that uplifting JoC leaders in the Midwest is essential for a thriving future for the region’s Jewish community.

How Shalom Curriculum Project is Bridging Gaps in Jewish Early Childhood Education

Aweku Michal Avera Samuel, an Ethiopian Israeli educator, is pioneering research and initiatives to integrate racial justice into Jewish early childhood curricula. As a key figure in the Shalom Curriculum Project (SCP), she collaborates with the University of Wisconsin, Madison, to create engaging materials that reflect the ethnic diversity of the Jewish community.