How “The Workshop” is Expanding American Jewish Arts and Culture

“I want to see more examples in media, on stages, both commercial and non-commercial, of JOCISM folks being able to take up their full identities and tell their stories.” Though Pinkney doesn’t want to force the artists to create works that are about their identities, he believes that the work that will emerge will diversify who we think of as a Jew.

Ally Voices Speak About Beyond the Count

One of the most striking learnings from Beyond the Count for many institutional leaders has been the disconnect between the diversity of Jewish people, experiences, and identities that exist in the community and the monolithic institutions that make up the Jewish communal ecosystem. 

Research that Got Us to This Moment: We Stand on the Shoulders of Others

Using our own familiarity with past studies and connecting with our research team to see which writings on Jews of Color helped inform their knowledge of the community, we’ve developed a list of some research studies and books from the 2000s to today that shaped research on Jews of Color, and on whose shoulders we stand.  

Why the Atlanta Shootings and Anti-Asian Racism are Jewish Issues

Developed from their personal experiences, their academic knowledge, and their professional insight into how the intersection of anti-Asian racism and sexism have impacted other community members, Gabi and Riki invite you to learn with them through this conversation.  

The Research Team Behind “Count Me In”

When the Jews of Color Initiative decided to expand on our learnings from our first demographic study, we knew our second study required two essential components: thoughtful questions that dig deeper into the experiences of Jews of Color, and a stellar research team.  

“From Understanding to Action”

In December, Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz and Eddie Chavez Calderon asked our Executive Director, Ilana Kaufman, to speak with their community on Jews of Color and inequity.

How Caucus Groups Can Help Build Change

In racial justice movements, caucus groups have been popular models for collective consciousness-raising—developing one’s awareness of, and ability to challenge, how racism plays out on both individual and structural levels.

Celebrating Identity Through a Jews of Color Cookbook

“There’s so much energy required for someone to sit down and read something really dense,” Alana Chandler began. “But food? Food is something everyone needs to live. And not only is it necessary sustenance, but there’s so much culture and tradition infused into recipes. Recipes really tell a story.”

Reflections, Wonders, and Hopes of Jewish Leaders of Color After the Launch of Beyond the Count

As the Jewish community continues to learn from and engage with Beyond the Count: Perspectives and Lived Experiences of Jews of Color, communal leaders are sharing their reflections, wonders, and hopes for what comes next. Adapted from two dynamic panel conversations with Jewish leaders of color, this article shares the voices of Dr. Analucía Lopezrevoredo, Janu Mendel, Ginna Green, Paula Pretlow, Tiffany Harris, and Gamal Palmer. 

How Learning is at the Center of our Leadership Fellowship

As the selection of fellows for our Jews of Color Initiative Leadership Fellowship in New York comes to a close, we sat down to talk with Riki Robinson, Program Director of our New York Hub, about how the Fellowship was developed. This conversation revealed how communal learning is at the core of the Fellowship’s design, paving the way for fellows to confidently enter the Jewish professional ecosystem. 

Top 5 Teachings from Beyond the Count

Built on data from 1,118 survey respondents and 61 interview participants, our study Beyond the Count is painting an unprecedented picture of Jews of Color. Here are the top five teachings we see emerging from this new study. 

Reflections on the Launch of Beyond the Count

I hope the findings empower our community. We have to collectively commit to the path of anti-racism and racial justice. We have to accept that the Jewish community is not sustainable if racism exists among us, especially as our community becomes more and more diverse. I hope there is a chorus of “I’ve had enough” from every person in the Jewish community.

What Does Our Study Beyond the Count Mean to JoC Leaders?

The more that we learn about the Jews of Color community, the more we are able to demonstrate the nuanced and varied experiences within it, or the “mosaic nature of the Jewish community,” as Dr. Lopezrevoredo said. Because Beyond the Count researchers used surveys and interviews, the findings from the study will share real experiences and perspectives of Jews of Color. "We’re anything but a monolith.”