Shared Identity


Kamochah, fiscally sponsored by JFNA, is creating spaces where Black Orthodox Jews can embrace their racial/cultural identity and their religious observance 

JQ International

JQ International is elevating the LGBTQ+ Iranian experience (93% of whom self-identify as JoC) for a Persian Pride national event and fellowship program in Los Angeles, New York, and the Bay Area

Theater J

Theater J's "Expanding the Canon," a project of Eldavitch DCJCC, is convening JoC rabbis, cantors, and thought leaders to guide 7 JoC playwrights through a curriculum of Jewish life, liturgy, history, and literature at an immersive 3-day Beit Midrash

Linke Fligl

Linke Fligl, fiscally sponsored by Allied Media Projects, is providing queer JoC leadership with a 5-day immersive farm gathering, sharing out experiences as LGBTQI+ JoC, and building a deeper connection to the outdoors

Mosaic Visions

Mosaic Visions organized the “Spirit of Humanity | Ein Sof Virtual Festival,” a cultural and artistic festival that showcased  Jews of Color through art, music, poetry, writing, songs, and short films

The Jews of Color Mishpacha Project

The Jews of Color Mishpacha Project created and ran the "We Are Family" JoCSM (Jews of Color, Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews) Shabbaton at the Pearlstone Retreat Center


Hosting a Sigd celebratory and educational event in Portland, Oregon led by an Ethiopian Jewish creative director