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New York Hub Incubator FAQs

Where do I apply? 

When are applications due? 

  • We have extended the deadline to Friday, January 21st at 5pm ET

What makes a project eligible? 

  • The project is led by Jews of Color and serves Jews of Color or the wider multiracial Jewish community.
  • The project leader who will participate in the Incubator is a self-identified Jew of Color.
  • The project leader can participate fully in the dates of the program (see below).
  • The project has a presence or audience in New York City.
  • The organization must be either a 501c3 non-profit or fiscally sponsored by one.


What are the dates of the program?

The Incubator starts on February 23 and ends on August 31, 2022.

  • Launch Day & Orientation – Wednesday, February 23 at 2-4pm ET
  • Session 1 – Tuesday, March 8 at 2-4pm ET
  • Session 2 – Wednesday, April 6 at 2-4pm ET
  • [Optional] Jewish community tour in Queens – Sunday, April 10
  • Session 3 – Wednesday, May 4 at 2-4pm ET
  • Session 4 – Wednesday, May 25 at 2-4pm ET
  • Session 5 – June 15 at 2-4pm ET
  • Session 6 – Wednesday, August 3 at 2-4pm ET
  • Showcase event: Wednesday, August 31 at 2-5pm ET


What’s the time commitment?

  • About 6 hours a month plus any additional time you dedicate to your project outside of formal programming provided by the Incubator.


How many hours do you expect me to work on my project outside of programmed hours?

  • This depends on the stage of your project. Generally speaking, Incubator hours are intended to supplement, not replace, typical work hours for your project. For example, if your project is a fully fledged organization with at least one full-time staff member, we expect that you will continue your daily responsibilities and work hours. If your project is a monthly event series led by volunteers that work about 10 hours a month, we expect that you will continue to work those hours.


How many representatives from my project can participate in this Incubator?

  • Each project is welcome to send up to two leaders to participate, however, aspects of the program are most effective if streamlined through one point person. We will ask for one person to be the “primary leader.”


My project is part of a larger organization that is established. Am I eligible for the Incubator program?

  • Yes, as long as the project itself is JoC led and meets our above eligibility criteria. If you are unsure, please reach out to us to discuss further.


In the past, I’ve participated in a different program development program for my same project. Am I eligible for this Incubator program?

  • Yes! If the other development program has fully ended then you are still eligible.
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December 2021


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