In conversation with other people of color leading anti-racist efforts in religious communities, Angel Alvarez-Mapp, Director of Programs & Operations at the Jews of Color Initiative, discusses vital questions about Jews of Color and challenging racism in the Jewish community. Led by moderator Zeenat Rahman, Director of the Inclusive America Project with the Aspen Institute, speakers discuss racism in faith communities in today’s political and activist moment, how various faith traditions can offer road maps to fighting for racial justice, and hopes for future directions in dismantling inequality in religious communities, among others. Angel Alvarez-Mapp speaks on Judaism’s moral call to anti-racist justice, how Jews of Color are carving out space in Jewish communities that have historically marginalized us, knowledge gained from the JoCI’s study Counting Inconsistencies, and how drawing attention to the links between white supremacy and antisemitism can contribute to dismantling inequality in Jewish spaces.


Angel Alvarez-Mapp (Director of Programs & Operations, Jews of Color Field Building Initiative)
Rev. April G. Johnson (Minister of Reconciliation, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ))
Ven. Dr. Pannavati (Co-Founder and Co-Abbot, Embracing-Simplicity Hermitage and Heartwood Refuge)
Zeenat Rahman, Moderator (Director, Inclusive America Project)