HorizonsSeptember 2020

Jewtina y Co.—a name that instantly reflects the simultaneous and coalescing identities of Latino Jews—was the creation of Analucia Lopezrevoredo. With the support of a JoCI grant, she is currently working on a limited podcast series, Voces, that encourages listeners to rethink their assumptions of who Jews are by diving deep into the lived experiences of Jewish-Latinos in the U.S.  Lopezrevoredo explains how through “auto-ethnographic storytelling,” the project aims “to challenge dominant discourses about Jewish peoplehood and actively works to eliminate racism and xenophobia.”

From meditation to yoga, mindfulness practice has increasingly become a prominent part of contemporary Judaism and Jewish life. However, these meaningful spaces are not always accessible or welcoming to Jews of Color. Another JoCI grantee, Yoshi Silverstein, is changing the white-centrism of Jewish wellness with the Mitsui Collective. Silverstein is creating wellness and resiliency-building retreats led by and for Jews of Color so JOCs can bring their whole selves to Jewish mindfulness.