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Are Jews White? American History Says It’s Complicated – The Forward

The first time someone told me I was white, I was seven years old. Three of my friends, all of them light-skinned black kids like me, taunted me in the schoolyard after my father dropped me off. “That’s not your real dad,” they said. “He can’t be because you’re white.” Read more at The Forward.

Alice Walker’s Terrible Anti-Semitic Poem Felt Personal – to Her and to Me – NY Mag’s Intelligencer

by Nylah Burton When I first read Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, I leaned into every word, inhaling Celie’s tragic and triumphant story. In Celie, I felt the presence and pain of my female family members brought up in rural Alabama. In Walker’s unflinching descriptions of misogyny, domestic violence, homophobia, and incest, I saw an open accounting […]

7 Self-Care Tips for Jewish Women of Color – Alma

by Nylah Burton In the past month, Jewish online spaces have become increasingly toxic, especially for Jewish Women of Color. While many are leaving those spaces in search of more inclusive communities, for others, staying is necessary. For women of color who write, or who create community, or who just feel the need to be outspoken, dealing […]

Owning My Identities – Evan Traylor

By Evan Traylor for My Jewish Learning Since I was a little kid growing up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, I’ve always known that I was somehow different in the Jewish community. I didn’t look like the other kids in Hebrew school. I was the only one to have Black family members at their bar mitzvah ceremony. And […]